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Who should take

private lessons?

       Anyone who is attentive and motivated is encouraged to take private lessons, whether a student has years of musical experience or does not even have an instrument yet! Many children have the coordination, patience, and attention-span for 30-minute lessons beginning around 3 or 4 years of age, while others might need more time.

Why should I or my child take

a private lesson?

A personalized lesson in a nurturing environment with a qualified and encouraging teacher will create tremendous targeted instruction to not only improve musicianship, but work-ethic, confidence, develop fine motor skills, problem solving-skills, and a respect for masterful composers. The teacher works directly with the student to enhance sound, technique, artistry, and love of music! 

What is a private lesson like?

For a beginner student, the lesson will start with a friendly review of the week and will go through important violinistic and musical concepts, like identifying parts of the violin/bow, how to hold the instrument, clapping rhythms and maintaining a steady pulse, games and songs. The more advanced lesson will begin with a warm-up, scales, or technique exercise, then develop the primary working piece(s) and may include reading, duets, or fun games targeted at personalized musical improvement. All lessons will end with a review of major points and how to practice at home! 

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